M    U    L    T    I    M    E    D    I    A

This multimedia section is comprised of Samples that are limited to 30 seconds for legal reasons. All samples remain © their respective owners, publishers, writers, etc. Because many of these songs have not (yet!) been released, the titles may vary from the "official" title assigned to the particular song by Vinnie... Oops. If you have better quality of material available here, or material that you think is missing, and are willing to share, please contact the webmaster!

Cashmir & Lecoux (1976)
Partnered with David Wolff, Phantom Records released this Bicentennial song backed with a very stange pices of art...
1) Happy Birthday USA
2) Exorcism of Karzgnz

Hitchhikers (1976)
Vinnie plays guitar on this R&B album and wrote the song that appears here. This may well be Vinnie's first professional recording credit. The "demo" that circulates out there is a slowed down low quality version of the album track. What this material demonstrates is just how incredibly diverse and talented Wiz is...
1) This Song's For You Mama

Black Satin (1976)
Another session Vinnie did at CRS for another R&B band.
1) Tears, Tears, Tears
2) Let My Fingers Do The Walkin'
3) We're A Star
4) In The Still Of The Night

Treasure (1977):
Vinnie's written and sung contributions to the 1977 Treasure album with Felix Cavaliere.
1) Innocent Eyes
2) Turn Yourself Around

Live Treasure (1977/8):
From two shows recorded at New York's Bottom Line Club in December 1977...
1) Soundcheck
2) Love Me Tonight
3) Innocent Eyes
4) My Lady Once Told Me
5) Treasure
6) I Wanna Love You
7) When The Sun Shines
8) Jubilation
9) In The Midnight Hour
10) I Think I Am In Love
11) Good Lovin'

Tommy Rock (1979):
A demo session for the Kim Fowley backed artist.
1) Dancing The Night Away
2) Modern Girls
3) Felicio

Vinnie Original Demos:
The original versions of some songs with Vinnie on vocals...
1) Back On The Street
2) Tears
3) More Than Friends
4) Gypsy In Her Eyes
5) Maybe It's The Rain

Warrior Demos (1982):
Assorted demos from Vinnie's "Warrior" project with the former members of New England prior to getting snatched by Gene and Paul!
1) Boyz Are Gonna Rock
2) It's Not Pretty
3) Gypsy In Her Eyes
4) Back On The Streets
5) I'm In Love
6) Baby-O
7) Betrayed (Instrumental)
8) Hot Nights (Instrumental)
9) Baby-O (Instrumental)
10) I Need Love (Instrumental)
11) Back On The Streets (Instrumental)

3-Speed Cover Version (1984):
3-Speed's 1984 recording of Vinnie's song...
1) Back On The Streets

"Invasion" Demo (1985):
Purportedly demos for the "Invasion" album with Myron Grombacher on drums...
1) Boyz Are Gonna Rock
2) Shoot U Full Of Love
3) Baby-O
4) Substitute

Vinnie Interview (Jan. 1986):
Here's an old interview with Vinnie Vincent from January 1986 during the period he was recording the debut Invasion album which has been added to the audio section. It's losely broken up into the following sections, but does cover other questions not listed here...
1) What happened between you and KISS / Why did you leave the band?
2) Did you depart friends with the band?
3) How did you first meet up with KISS?
4) What recordings did you make with the band / song-writing process?
5) Contributions to the band apart from recording?
6) What have you done since leaving KISS?
7) What do you think of KISS' albums since you left?
8) How have your fans responded to all of this?
9) How did you find the members for the new band?
10) How did you name your band?
11) How would you describe the type of music the band is playing?
12) Do you write all the music and lyrics?
13) Is there anything you try and write about in your songs?
14) Does this band fulfill all of your expectations?
15) What kind of equipment does the band use?
16) When can we expect the album out?

Goran Edman "Invasion" Demo (1986):
Goran singing to the "Invasion" backing tracks...
1) Back On The Streets
2) Boyz Are Gonna Rock
3) No Substitute
4) Do You Wanna Make Love
5) Baby-O
6) I Wanna Be Your Victim
7) Shoot U Full Of Love
8) Animal

"Invasion" Re-Recording (1986):
Studio re-recording of "Invasion" song with Mark Slaughter on vocals. Perhaps the threat of removing Robert's vocals wasn't just a threat, though this is currently the sole example...
1) Shoot U Full Of Love

Vinnie Interview, "Pro-Talk" (Early 1987):
Vinnie interview with Steve Rosen, released on audio tape. Dates from the period that followed the end of the "Invasion" tour and release of "All Systems Go." It's losely broken up into the following sections, but does cover other questions not listed here...
1) What really happened with you and KISS?
2) The time between leaving KISS and releasing "Invasion"?
3) What you learned from KISS?
4) Was it a conscious reason not to use keyboards?
5) Was Hendrix someone you listened to? Influences?
6) Your style?
7) Carmine & The Rockers?
8) Recording with Carmine?
9) 1979/80?
10) Has your guitar sound changed?
11) Were you capable of playing like you did on "Invasion" with KISS?
12) Were you afraid to go out on your own after KISS?
13) Most guitar players write?
14) Mick Jones, Foreigner, song-writing & Vinnie's first recordings?
15) Promoting Vinnie and magazine lying?
16) Transformation from fusion?
17) The next record?

Vinnie/Jeff Scott Soto Demos (1987/8):
The demos were recorded with former (and possibly the ultimate) Yngwie J. Malmsteen vocalist Jeff Scott Soto. Accompanying Vinnie and Jeff was Jimmy Waldo on Keyboards. Apparently, these demos were going to be shopped around for other artists to record. Not sure about the truth in that, they do, however, show the softer side of Vinnie with subtle guitars and more prominent keyboards.
1) Youngblood
2) Forbidden
3) I'm On Fire For You
4) My Love Goes With You
5) Gypsy

"All Systems Go" Demos (1987/8):
1) I Wanna Love You
2) Ashes To Ashes
3) Deeper And Deeper
4) Burn
5) Ecstacy
6) Heavy Pettin'
7) Let Freedom Rock
8) That Time Of Year

"All Systems Go" Alternate Solos (1988):
Here are some {alleged} alternate guitar solos from songs from that album as well as some unmixed tracks.
1) Ashes To Ashes
2) That Time Of Year
3) Burn
4) Dirty Rhythm
5) Love Kills
6) Naughty Naughty
7) Let Freedom Rock
8) Heavy Pettin'
9) Breakout
10) Ecstacy
11) Deeper And Deeper

Metal Tech (1988):
In 1988 Vinnie did an instructional video which saw him shredd through his technique displaying a variety of licks, style, and tonality. This is a sample of his personal jam part of the video..
1) Metal Tech

"Goran Edman" Demos:
Vinnie had long wanted vocalist Goran Edman (Yngwie) as lead vocalist for his band, dating back to 1986! Here's a taste of Goran demoing Vinnie material...
1) Over You
2) My Love Goes With You
3) Youngblood

"Guitars From Hell" Demos (1989/90):
Vinnie was recording an album for Enigma records, with Robert Fleishman and Andre LaBelle, prior to that company either killing his contract or going bankrupt. What is clear from the demos is that the album was going to blow the original "VVI" album away in terms of sonics. Track 1 was planned to be the opening track on the album. Several songs were reworked for the EP in 1996 and may have been intended for use on "Guitarmageddon", which it is a real crime has not surfaced yet with songs like "Cockteaser" and "Brainsaw"! The full track listing of the album is unknown as it may have not been finalized or completed. Track 08 is a reworking of the Soto demo with nuclear guitars added.
1) Genesis
1) Shocker
2) Truth
3) Nuke It
4) Rocks On Fire
5) Invincible
6) Full Shredd
7) Wild Child
8) Youngblood

"Guitars From Hell/Euphoria" Alternate Mixes:
Some alternate mixes of Vinnie's early 1990's material
1) Euphoria
2) Rocks On Fire
3) Heavy Metal Poontang