G    U    I    T    A    R    S

Guitars. Without these, Vinnie would simply have been a fantastic song-writer. One of the tools of his trade, this section will attempt to document the various axes in his arsenal and wherever possible the technical specifications. The webmaster's level of guitar knowledge is pretty limited (he bashes on an old Kramer XL-II and even more rubbish Washburn), so if you have more solid information or corrections/additions please contact the Webmaster! Thanks to the excellent photo gallery at kissnews.de for some of the pictures used here.

w/ KISS: Creatures of the Night era (1982-3)
The most commonly recognizable guitar from this tour was the gold Rhoads Jackson. For some promo photos featured a white student model.

Pick-ups: EMG81 (bridge) & Seymour Duncan JB (neck)
Tremelo: Floyd Rose

Vinnie was also seen playing a tobacco-sunburst Les Paul and Jackson custom (possibly his home-built one) early during the tour.

w/ KISS: Lick it Up era (1983-4)
Vinnie's Rhoads Jackson had become pink for this tour.

Pick-ups: EMG81 (bridge) & Seymour Duncan JB (neck)
Tremelo: Floyd Rose

w/ VVI: Invasion era (1986-7)
Vinnie's custom VVV, pink with silver trim. This guitar had the normal Jackson head-stock...

Pick-ups: EMG81 (probably with the EMG active RPC circuit)
Tremelo: Floyd Rose non-fine tuning.

w/ VVI: All Systems Go era (1988)
There's an intersting mix during this period. Vinnie suggested that his Jackson custom VVV would remain his primary axe, and it's seen in some promo photo shoots in Silver/Purple livery (see also the "EP/Euphoria" album cover, but the Carvin shop also provided him at least one silver-bodied guitar with gold trim that was used throughout the ASG tour. It never went into production, but can also be seen in the "Love Kills" video and Carvin promotional material. The Carvin had a reversed head-stock in comparrison with the Jackson VVV and block inlays. And then there's the Ibanez and Washburn customs...

Pick-ups: ?
Tremelo: Unknown model, but an non-fine tuning Floyd.

The Washburn VVV custom turns up in the "That Time of Year" music video (and upside down in the "Euphoria/EP" booklet). It was a prototype made by Steve Davies in Seattle and came in the Silver/Gold livery similar to the Carvin, but with V, rather than block, inlays. Laney, whose amps Vinnie endorsed in 1986, were distributors of Washburn guitars...

Thanks to Jonathan for clarifications to information on this page!